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PMF Series Airflow Sensor

It just works. No matter were.

The PMF series by Posifa Microsystems based on a new chip design with microcontroller processed linear signal. The unique design is very robust against particles and condensing humidity. Resistance to dust, water vapor and shock Sensitivity to low flows Amplified analog output 1 - 5V



Ultra low pressure sensing

MAM005 series enable secure pressure sensing & control starting at 10 Pa. (0,1 mbar). Adjustable pressure set point is between 10 Pa. up to 1300 mbar. A N/O (normally open) contact can be used for 30 mA at 250VAC.


Air Bubble

Detect Bubbles. Save lives.

Introtek Air bubble & blood leak detection for medical, analyzer and process application.

Compact integral design with BD3 circuitry Reliable pulse-type, non-invasive, ultrasonic technology Wide range of tubing sizes from 1/16" (1.6mm) up to 1.0" (25.4 mm), including 4mm OD Infusion Tubing


Airflow Sensors

Posifa Technologies was founded as manufacturer of semiconductor sensor chips in California (Silicon Valley) and provide mass air flow sensors for air and gas. The embedded sensor chips are coated with SiCa. Which makes the sensors very robust against particles and liquids. Sensors provide a linear output signal, Vout & digital I²C 14 bit.


We are pressure sensors

All our partners are certified with ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Süd.

Ulrich Michels began working in the German sensor market in 1988 with Honeywell Sensing & Control. Ulrich’s primary focus has been with pressure sensors, switches and mass air flow sensors for many different OEM applications.

After spending several years with Honeywell, Ulrich Michels left Honeywell and begin a business relationship with Dennis Dauenhauer, President of All Sensors Corporation. All Sensors is located in California, USA. Ulrich Michels was hired to handle both direct and distribution sales for Europe. All Sensors is a leading manufacture for MEMS Piezoresistive pressure sensors. All Sensors produces low pressure, plastic housing pressure sensors intended for dry air and gas.

BS-rep GmbH was found in 2006 by Birgit and Ulrich Michels. At this time BS-rep GmbH supported MAMCO & Lefoo.

BS-rep GmbH began to distribute pressure and vacuum switches for both MAMCO and Lefoo at this time. Both MAMCO and Lefoo are leading manufactures of switches and control units for HVAC, industrial and other OEM applications.

In 2008 All Sensors Corporation signed a distribution contract with BS-rep GmbH. Ulrich Michels is also response for some direct business with key accounts in the European region.

In 2012 BS-rep GmbH became the exclusive distributor of All Sensors products in the European region.

BS-rep GmbH also became the exclusive representative for Posifa Microsystems in 2012. Posifa is located in San Jose, California producing MEMS massflow sensors, sensor chips and Pirani vacuum sensors.


All our partners are certified with ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Süd.

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Pressure Switches

Druckschalter mit einstellbaren Schaltpunkten von 10 Pa. bis zu 45 Bar


Airflow sensors

Luftstromsensoren mit Messbereich von 0…10 sccm bis zu 300 SLM mit linearem Ausgang sowie Pirani Vakuumsensoren mit Messbereich von 0,001 bis 30 Torr.


Air bubble detector

non-invasive, ultrasonic air bubble detectors, continuous liquid and point level sensors, optical blood component detectors and pressure/occlusion detectors